Book: Prüfungsdidaktik

[Examination Methodology. On the Foundation of a New Scientific Discipline – Exemplified by Modern Languages] Prüfungsdidaktik. Zur Fundierung einer neuen wissenschaftlichen Disziplin – am Beispiel der modernen Fremdsprachen. Aachen: Shaker 2002 (Sprache & Kultur)

In this monography, a new scientific discipline is founded, which is called examination methodology. In every field of professional qualification, examinations are of importance, at school or at university, at chambers of industry and commerce, but the methodology of examinations has not existed as a discipline, yet. Unjustifiedly, as this book proves.
Examination methodology deals with the objectivation and standardisation of examinations and with questions like who examines and who is entitled to work as an examiner. A possible approach of this new discipline consists in defining those features of examinations which can be considered as methodologically successful.

As founding a new scientific discipline cannot be done on a theoretical basis only, it is practically exemplified by modern foreign languages. In this practical approach, problems of giving written examination papers are dealt with as well as the delimitation of different levels of language proficiency and the evaluation of errors in essays, in oral examinations and in testing reading and listening comprehension.

In addition, desirable aspects of further research are identified.
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