First Saarbrucken Conference on Foreign Language Teaching

On November 4th and 5th, 2011, the

First Saarbrücken Conference
on Foreign Language Teaching
took place at the Chair of Applied Languages of the Business School of Saarland University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

The Conference featured the theme:

University Language Teaching -
Requirements - Trends - Characteristics

and comprised two keynote speeches and 52 section talks. Participants consisted of aound 130 university professors, lecturers and high-school teachers from 20 countries.

The following areas were dealt with:

  • Language Teaching in General
  • Language Teaching Methodology
  • Specificity of Methods
  • History of Foreign Language Learning
  • Learner Demands and Expectations
  • Task-based Language Learning
  • Learner Motivation
  • Self-Image of the Teacher
  • Cross-Cultural Competences and Culture Studies
  • Studies Abroad
  • E-Learning
  • Media and Multimedia
  • The (Computer) Language Lab
  • Languages for Special / Specific Purposes and their Methodology
  • Job-Orientation of Diplomas
  • Bilingual Programmes and their Impact on Language Learning
  • Priority of English?
  • French and Spanish
  • Other Foreign Languages (Italian, Chinese, Japanese)

The complete conference programme can be found

The conference also comprised a book exhibition. (For further information, cf here.)

We cordially thank our participants for the positive feedback to the conference. This feedback represents a strong motivation for us to continue our work.