Book: Unterscheidung zwischen geschriebener und gesprochener Sprache

Thomas Tinnefeld: Mängel in der Unterscheidung zwischen geschreibener und gesprochener Sprache im Deutschen als Fehlerursache beim schriftlichen Fremdsprachengebrauch. Aachen: Shaker 1999. (ISBN 3-8265-4942-2).
(Students' Deficiencies in Differenciating between Written and Spoken German as a Source of Errors in Written Foraign Language Usage).

This monography deals with the problem that students most frequently do not know how to adequately distinguish between written and spoken language in their mother tongue. This general deficiency leads to some unsatisfactory usage of their mother tongue in the field of written language production. The mistakes made in this area are then – logically – transferred to foreign languages so that they reappear there. These findings, based on my own research, are described and analysed. In addition, chances of eliminating the deficiencies mentioned are suggested in order to improve the students´ usage of their mother tongue as well as the foreign languages they learn and perfect. The results of my research are based on German as the students´ mother tongue and French as their foreign language, but they can be generalised towards other languages.